Ticket stubs have always been cherished keepsakes for fans. Throughout the history of sports, they’ve served the same purpose, admitting spectators to witness their favorite team on a date, in a venue, from a seat they could call their own. 

The rise of digital ticketing has replaced this time-honored memento with mechanical convenience, leaving fans hungry for the physical relic that closely connects them to the teams they support, and the sports they love. 

Stub-e exists for every fan so they can preserve their unique memories with a commemorative ticket that’s worthy of game day. Each ticket features beautiful artwork and customizable designs to act as a vivid reminder of the freshly cut grass, the thunderous roar of the crowd, and all those who were there to share in every cheer.

Who is Stub-e For?


A fan never forgets the very first time they see their favorite team in person. Stub-e makes that moment last forever with the perfect keepsake to celebrate a fans first game day.

Season Ticket Holders

Through thick and thin, the diehards know how sacred game day is. Now fans can immortalize their unrelenting devotion with Stub-e commemorative tickets.

Fans Everywhere

For the fans who watch their teams from tailgates, couch cushions, and bar stools. Stub-e is available for whoever wants to commemorate their game day.


Ohio Stadium 100th year Commemorative Tickets

EXCLUSIVE COMMEMORATIVE TICKETS PERSONALIZED KEEPSAKES AVAILABLE Exclusive for the 2022-23 season and the 100th year of Ohio Stadium, Ohio State fans will have the opportunity to commemorate home football games with official souvenir ticket stubs. Each ticket will feature an exclusive design fans [...]


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